Market days are a way of life in Provence and the Cote d'Azur. They originated in the 12th century, when farmers and craftsmen would come to nearest market town to sell their wares, or engage in bartering agreements. It is very interesting to visit the following markets:

Marche Provencal - Antibes

This covered market the Marche Provencal, takes place daily in Cours Masséna in the historic center of Antibes. Offering a wonderful and diverse range of local produce, including spices, cheese, flowers and fruit this market is a wonderful place to wander around or to sit at one of the many cafes and watch the world as it goes about its business.


Marche Forville – Cannes


Cannes’ large covered market, Marché Forville, located near its famous La Croisette boardwalk and at the foot of the ancient neighbourhood of Le Suquet, is a local institution. 


Marche Cours Saleya – Nice


The Cours Saleya is one of the liveliest areas of Old-Nice where the flower, fruit and vegetable markets take place. Cours Saleya hosts four different markets. The most well-known is the Marché aux Fleurs, or Flower Market, held Tuesday through Sunday.  It’s actually a combination of the flower market and the fruit and vegetable market but the name, Marché aux Fleurs is commonly applied to the whole thing.  The fruit and vegetable stands pack up by 1.30 in the afternoon but the flower stalls stay open until about 5.30.


Ventimiglia’s Friday market

The Ventimiglia’s Friday market is a series of stands along the waterfront of this vibrant city of Italian Riviera It is considered the largest market in Italy and is a tradition and an institution for Italians, for the French living on the French Riviera and for all tourists who choose the Riviera for their holidays. Mainly because of the incredible convenience of prices and the higher quality of the products compared to neighboring France.